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HVAC Maintenance Tips

HVAC Maintenance Tips

HVAC systems are the hearts of our homes, keeping us warm in the cold months, cool in the warm months, and comfortable in between. In order to increase the life of your unit, and reduce your energy costs, these are simple but effective things that you can do to help out your HVAC system. 

Indoor Air Quality Systems

  • Regularly change or clean any air filters. Always check your manufacturers instructions. Some units will need annual filter changes, and some will need more regular filter changes, so always refer to your instruction manual.
  • Airborne allergens can be reduced by maintaining humidity levels. Check pans and coils on any humidification/dehumidification units for cleanliness and clean if needed.
  • Clean all the return grills of any dust or dirt that could collect in the ducts or the filter.
  • Always remember to schedule annual service to keep your unit performing as well as it can.

Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Systems

  • Clean all supply and return grates of any dust and dirt to ensure that the air can flow freely around the house and to ensure that it does not collect in your systems filter.
  • Clear away any leaves or other debris from the grills on your outdoor condenser unit. If you notice that interior of your unit is dirty, contact a technician to clean it as they have the proper tools to take apart the unit and clean it without damaging anything.
  • Trim shrubbery or any other obstacles from around your outdoor unit so that there is more clearance and less chance of the unit getting dirty or damaged.
  • Replace the filter in your unit once a month to reduce any restrictions.
  • Make sure the condensate line is clear for the unit to drain properly.
  • Always schedule yearly service to keep the unit running well.

Gas Furnaces

  • Clean dust and obstacles from any supply or return grates so that it doesn't collect in the ducts.
  • Clear obstacle from the furnace so that it is easily accessible.
  • Check vent connections for any rust, gaps, or other damage.
  • Make sure your carbon monoxide monitor is working properly.
  • Replace the filters annually.


With these steps, you can keep your HVAC system working at its best for longer and to keep you happy with lower energy costs.


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