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Stûv 6-in

by Stuv
In-Store Only

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Stûv 6, innovation through design & experience.

The Stûv 6-in is a wood-burning insert suited to small spaces while offering a generous view of the fire. It is perfect for masonry hearths and for wood-fire enthusiasts.

Stûv 6-in units offer a breathtaking view of the fire. The combustion chamber widens toward the front to reach the streamlined door frame. This shape, unique to Stûv 6-in, has made it possible to reduce the insert dimensions while making the fire the focus.

Pat.D898,173 - Unique for its ease of installation as an insert and its broad view of the fire, the Stûv 6 has a patented design that promises a truly authentic experience. From installation to use, every detail is optimized to simplify the user's interaction with the appliance and make the most of every advantage a wood fire offers.