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Moovair Multi-Moov Mulitzone Ductless Heat Pump Systems

by Moovair
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Comfort control in every room!

Personalize the comfort of every room in your home with a Multi-Moov system. Ideal for large homes, Moovair multizone systems allow the user to independently control up to five indoor zones from a single outdoor unit. Choose from a selection of four different types of indoor units depending on preferences and the home layout.

Wall mounted: The most popular of all for its ease of installation, clean lines and compact size, this unit is a wise choice for controlling the temperature of most zones.

Ducted: This compact unit can be installed in a suspended ceiling if simplicity and tranquility are important elements to consider when designing your system.

Cassette: Designed to fit between ceiling joists, this unit is ideal for more confined spaces such as corridors or split levels because it is equipped with four-way directional shutters ensuring maximum air dispersion to achieve a balanced temperature throughout the area.

Floor console: The design of these units is similar to that of a wall convector. Some homeowners will choose the floor console for aesthetic reasons, or due to architectural considerations.