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Fujitsu Mulitzones Ductless Heat Pump Systems

by Fujitsu
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Multi-Zone Systems


Independent management of comfort zones
Because needs vary from one floor to another, from one room to another and even from one individual to another, multi-zone systems allow to adjust the temperature of each indoor unit independently creating areas of perfect comfort throughout your home.

Quick and easy to install
Easy to install, they require no major renovation and can be installed in less than a day.

Ultra quiet
Fujitsu multi-zone systems are up to 40 % quieter than any other conventional central system.

Fujitsu multi-zone systems offer superior comfort and their unique advanced design make them real energy savers. They are also more efficient than conventional central systems since each indoor unit can be controlled independently : significant energy savings are generated by operating units only when required.

Fujitsu equips its units with Inverter technology which allows varying speed and output to match the required power level - therefore reaching the desired room temperature more quickly and maintaining a more consistent comfort level than conventional models. This means Fujitsu's Inverter models can achieve up to 30 % more operating efficiency than conventional models and therefore are more economical to run.