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British Fires - Bramshaw Electric Stove

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The Bramshaw electric stove from British Fires is a versatile freestanding 3-sided electric stove with a heat output of 1,500W or approximately 5,000 BTUs. For homeowners looking for an attractive electric fire with a small footprint, the Bramshaw might be the perfect fit. The design mirrors a wood or gas model and can easily be installed in various living spaces thanks to a simple plug-in.

Remote Control

Every British Fires electric fireplace is equipped with a remote control that bridges the connection between you and your ideal ambiance. Each button displays an icon that clearly identifies the function to engage with the fire and explore the features.

Flame Control

Choose from the four settings to adjust the brightness of the flame to suit your mood. Watch the flames change brightness and height on the back screen.

Thermostatic Heating

The heater system is thermostatically controlled using the remote handset and displays the setting inside the fire. Choose a temperature between 17°C (63°F) and 27°C (81°F) and the fire will do the work to heat the room up effectively to reach the desired temperature

Daily and Weekly Timer

Set the fire to provide you with heat on any day throughout the week. The seven-day programmable calendar will remember your settings and will activate the thermostatic heater on each day and every week for when you need the Bramshaw fire the most.

Timer Boost

A range of settings between one and nine hours can be selected to turn the heater on for a desired length of time.

Hexo Heater Design

Subtle in appearance yet, efficient in heat distribution. The Bramshaw features hexagonal-shaped outlets to create a unique honeycomb texture while providing an effective heater outlet.