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Bosch BVA 2.0 Air Handler

by Bosch
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BVA2.0 Air Handler Unit

Complete your system with this highly efficient and easy-to-install AHU from Bosch.

  • Complete product range from 2 to 5 ton
  • Aluminum coils for superior corrosion resistance
  • Standard ECM Constant Torque Fan Motor with 5 available speeds

Simply Smart AHU

Bosch BVA2.0 delivers exceptional comfort and efficiency. Bosch offers a complete range of air handling units to fit your needs. Whether you are pairing with a Bosch ASHP Condensing Section (BOVA2.0) or Bosch WSHP Condensing Section (SM or SV Split), this unit is designed to fit any application.

Easy, Flexible Install

This unit is designed with flexibility in mind. Whether horizontal, vertical or counterflow, the Bosch Multi-Position Air Handler can be installed with ease and will provide you with comfort for years to come.

Innovative Features

BVA2.0 comes equipped with many advanced features and technologies. These include; foil-faced insulation on the inner walls, two-stage ECM Constant Torque fan motor for energy savings and humidity control, top-notch all-aluminum air coil, corrosion-resistant composite primary drain pan, secondary drain pan for flexible applications, and more.

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