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Chimney Sweeping, WETT Inspections, Masonry Services

Did you know you need your chimney cleaned at least once a year? It’s mandatory under the Ontario Fire Code. Proper maintenance of your chimney is vital to keeping your chimney burning clean, efficiently and above all, safely.

Having our WETT certified technicians perform annual chimney inspection and cleaning will help identify any potential problems, including creosote blockages, which can catch fire and cause damage to your home. In fact, failure to clean chimneys is the cause of more than half the home structure fires caused by heating devices.

At Fireplaces Unlimited Heating & Cooling we offer professional masonry construction, masonry restoration and a full range of designs for a variety of masonry products, installed at competitive rates.

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Contact our professional team to learn more about our Chimney Sweeping/WETT Inspections and maintenance services. Our licensed technicians serve from between Deseronto and Spencerville, and as far north as Perth.