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Iron Embers Octagonal Cottager Fire Pit

In-Store Only

The Octagonal Cottager (The Cottager) is the original Iron Embers fire pit and comes loaded with features to enhance your fireside experience. The octagonal design offers broad side faces, perfect for custom text and logo personalizations.

The rod rings are unique to The Cottager series and can be used for cooking with cast iron pans or as a footrest while the fire burns. The Cottager is also the only Iron Embers fire pit that comes standard with an Attachment Adapter for our BBQ grilling accessories.

Weight 140 lbs (63.5 kg)
Steel Thickness 1/4″ (6.4 mm)
Fire Volume 1.1 ft³ (3.7 ft³ (0.105m³)

The 3’ Octagonal Cottager is the most popular Iron Embers fire pit, and for a good reason. This full-sized fire pit is a picture-perfect fit for those of us that love to relax around the campfire all weekend.

The Cottager Rod Rings: The 3′ Cottager features a set of rod rings that maximizes functionality and gives the Cottager series it’s signature look. The rod rings function as a handle for carrying your fire pit, as well as a cooking surface with cast iron pans or a footrest while the fire burns.

Raised Fire Pit: The raised pit radiates heat from underneath to keep you warm, while the airflow slots feed your fire a steady stream of oxygen to sustain a clean burn with less smoke. Pair your Cottager with a spark screen to get closer to the action by fully containing your fire within the pit.

Ready to Grill: The 3′ Cottager comes standard with an Attachment Adapter for our Iron Embers BBQ grills, perfect for any griller craving an authentic wood fired flavor.

The 3′ Octagonal Cottager is comfortable for groups of 6 to 12 looking to enjoy a relaxing campfire in cottage country.