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40TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: Complete a ballot for a chance to win awesome prizes!
40TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: Complete a ballot for a chance to win awesome prizes!

COVID-19 Company Procedures – Revised for May 19th

  • Customer Appointments
    • Customers will confirm they have not travelled in past 14 days outside of Canada, everyone in the household is 100% healthy, they have not been in contact with anyone who has the virus, and they will observe the 6ft social distancing rule
    • Upon arrival to the household the tech will assess the situation and enter / complete work if comfortable with safety of the worksite
  • If you personally don’t want to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) you MUST offer to wear it to the customer every time and ONLY if they approve not wearing it and you feel it is safe may you opt out
  • If you are working within the 6ft requirement because the task requires a closer distance YOU MUST wear PPE to protect yourself and those you are working with
  • All staff need to wipe down any surfaces they touch & use the UV wands:
    • On doors – this includes entry doors at the customers, showroom, bathrooms, warehouse
    • On the ladder going in thru bay doors
    • Counters
    • Thermostats or appliances touched
    • Truck – doors, dash, steering wheel, gear shift
  • Showroom as of May 19th
    • Resume regular showroom hours
    • 2 customers (this includes family members) at a time may enter
    • Doors will be locked once this maximum has been reached
    • A sign will be posted notifying customers if the door is locked, we’ve reached our maximum and they can wait until another customer has left to enter
    • We will have these restrictions posted on our Facebook, Website and other Social Media
    • Keep the 6ft required social distancing
    • Cleaning of surfaces touched must be completed after each customer