Recall Notice

Kingsman Fireplaces has imposed a Voluntary Recall on our ZRB46/VRB46 (Skyline II/III – Marquis Collection).

Models Affected: ZRB46LP, ZRB46LPE, ZRB46N, ZRB46NE, VRB46LP, VRB46LPE, VRB46N, VRB46NE, MQVRB46NE2. Does not include models where it was framed with steel studs or VRB46 models where the Chase is “Vented”.

Hazard: Convective heat (heated air only) can escape from a small slot on the outer wrap, located in the upper left and right side of the fireplace. This stream of convective heat could cause possible discoloration of the adjacent wood studs.

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled fireplaces immediately and shut off the gas supply to the fireplace. Consumers should contact the dealer where the fireplace was purchased to schedule a free repair. The repair kit Part Number 46RB-RK (RTV Silicone and a set of Brackets) will seal the fireplace and stop the escape of convective heat. The repair will take approximately 10-15 minutes and no tools will be required.