While having a fireplace is heaven on earth, fireplace installation isn’t something most people look forward to doing themselves. It can be tricky and, if done incorrectly, a DIY fireplace installation could cost you your home. This is why our fully licensed technicians are available to help you install your fireplace, safely, conveniently and properly.


Whether you’d like a propane or gas fireplace installation, wood or pellet fireplace installation or electric fireplace installation, we’ve got you covered from the functional to the aesthetic. That’s right: Our technicians will also outfit your fireplace with the very best finishes and fireplace accessories, including mantels and accessories. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.


We’re also here to take care of all your chimney and venting, and heating and cooling needs. In other words, if it means making your home more comfortable, Fireplaces Unlimited can help from the very start to picture perfect finish.


Contact our talented and professional team to learn more about our fireplace installation. Our licensed technicians serve from between Deseronto and Johnstown, and as far north as Perth.