Fireplaces are one of the few luxuries in life that can still be considered a necessity. From the time humankind discovered fire, and subsequently discovered the need to contain fire, fireplaces have been central to life. Since then, they have evolved – at first for better functionality, then for functionality and aesthetic appeal. Even today, it could be used for one or the other, depending on your needs and where you live in the world. Regardless of what you use it for, it is both a symbol and a source of comfort, nourishment and family. These attributes are part of the reason why a well-appointed and quality fireplace will significantly increase the value of your home – and it’s also why we are committed to providing you with the best service and products in the industry.

Whether you want a gas or propane fireplace, a wood or pellet unit, stove, BBQ or heating or cooling services, we offer you an almost endless array of industry leading products and services. We can make any room in your house the room of your dreams by installing the perfect unit and finish. Our licensed technicians embody our friendly service, professional attitude and high standards. We’re also here to offer some friendly and experienced advice.

If you’re looking to enrich and enliven your life with a gas, wood or electric unit, look no further. We’re here for you! Our licensed technicians serve from between Deseronto and Johnstown, and as far north as Perth.